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We take pride in not only helping young artists, but making sure there's transparency for parents. 

If someone in your family is pursuing an acting degree, consider reaching out, for a frank conversation about the possibilities, pitfalls, and prices (!) ahead. We're available to talk; or request a coach.

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A wide range of BFA Acting programs are available, across the country - with excellent faculty & resources, all committed to providing a rich education in support of a liberal arts degree. In our post-Covid* world, some are back in-person, some are hybrid, some are on-line only.

But these programs are not for everyone. There are many  reasons to consider alternatives, including cost of education vs. the true economy of the acting industry. . . limits within a purely "academic" curriculum. . . in fact, there are advantages to getting your degree in another field entirely!

We are here to provide clarity. . . to help you & yours decide which road makes sense, which programs are worth your  investment, and how to talk about the decisions ahead.

In truth, one conversation could save you tens of thousands of dollars - and years of frustration. Choose an Acting (Actually) mentor, and get the insight you need today.


MFA Acting programs (particularly the elite schools) provide rigorous stage training, preparing students for a career in the theater as future teachers, and/or offering launch pads with agency showcases & relationships with local theaters.

However much like BFA degrees, your investment is high - and the likelihood of paying off your debts through acting alone is (quite honestly) very low. Many MFA programs can boast of launching notable stars of stage and screen, while offering powerful alumni support - but this decision is by no means simple or direct.  

We're here to help you wade through the pros and cons of a grad school degree, and develop a plan for making the most of your experience. If you have a genuine thirst for this kind of training, and embrace the challenge, let's dig deeper on what the full impact of this commitment means.


Buckle up. . . your life could be about to change!